Author Topic: 3DRadSpace v0.0.3a release  (Read 106 times)

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3DRadSpace v0.0.3a release
« on: May 01, 2020, 11:33:41 PM »
New features:

   ✓ Added Skybox object
   ✓ Camera rotation and speed parameters can be changed in the settings
   ✓ Added a few more example projects.
   ✓ Updated 'Fast XNB Builder' ,so converting sound files is possible


   ✓ Attempted a fix for control sizes when using different font sizes
   ✓ Attempt to fix crashes when using projects made with different culture and keyboard configurations
   ✓ Fixed the Camera object's FOV values getting smaller when saving and loading objects
   ✓ Fixed alpha rendering in the editor
   ✓ Fixed EOL not drawing the bounding area in the editor
   ✓ Fixed the EOL sphere model having useless faces
   ✓ Fixed Camera object orientation, so it now points to the right direction.
   ✓ Fixed dead links that refer to the website
   ✓ Fixed the color set by the SkyColor object not reseting when creating a new project
   ✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project in the editor with scripts that have compilation errors
   ✓ When building content, all temporary left files from \XNBConverter\Source, and \XNBConverter\Final are deleted
   ✓ Fixed a crash on startup if the %appdata%/3DRadSpace is missing
   ✓ Fixed Camera.ScreenSize not getting initialized in 3DRadSpace_Player
   ✓ When opening/saving a project, the dialog will always open to <root>/Projects

Known issues:

   ✗ Skybox has bad UV mapping, will be fixed next update.


   Q: Why so late?
   A: I attempted to write the binary format, but It didn't found use right now. Also I wasn't avalable all the times.

   Q: Why the new forum?
   A: I feel like ClassDev isn't structured to fit 3DRadSpace as a whole.

   Q: The main page looks like crap. What can you do about it?
   A: Yes, I know, it's going to take a little while until I finish it.

Download Link:
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