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3DRadSpace v0.0.4a bug-fix and feature release
« on: June 14, 2020, 10:10:57 PM »
Hello. I finally finished working on the newest 3DRadSpace release. Features and bug-fixes are listed below:


✓ Create the FPVCamera object
✓ Added Fog Demo.3drsp project

Bug Fixes

✓ Fixed fog not working in the editor
✓ Fixed a crash when working with the Fog object
✓ Fixed crashes related with project files
✓ Fixed some bugs in the project example files
✓ Fixed an issue with the autoupdater
✓ Small optimisations in 3DRadSpacePlayer
✓ Small optimisations in the editor
✓ Fixed some regressions caused by the 0.0.3a update (a major refactoring was needed)
✓ Fixed keyboard language related issues (again, an other attempt)

✓ Updated online scripting documentation
✓ Added pictures for SoundSource and Fog objects
✓ Objects that are not implemented are represented by a completly white/missing icon
✓ Deifned the .sky  used for skyboxes (skyboxes use 6 images like the original 3D Rad)
This is a skybox file example below:
Code: [Select]

1.) XNB Converter can only work on x64 systems
2.) Feedback is always welcome!


Q: This is even more late than before. Why?
A: I had some real life obligations from my parents, that really slowed me down develop this project.

Q: Will the next release be even more late?
A: No, since I will only focus on bug fixes. Will propably release 0.0.5a next 1 or 2 weeks.

Q:Autoupdater throws an error when trying to download the new update
A: You can try:
  • Clicking 'Continue' on the error dialog.
  • Downloading the update from here.

Download (EXE installer): :
Download (RAR archive): :

Feedback is always welcome! Anyways, have a good day!
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