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(old) 3DRadSpace 0.0.1a release
« on: April 25, 2020, 08:40:08 PM »
Hello guys, this is the first ever public release of 3DRadSpace.

This release includes:
✓ Scripting using C#
✓ These objects are implemented:
    * Sprite
    * TextPrint
    * SoundEffect
    * EventOnLocation
    * EventOnKey
    * Timer
    * ExitFade
    * Script
    * Camera
    * Skinmesh
    * SkyColor
    * Fog
    * SoundSource
  ✓ Loading and importing .X model using 'Fast XNB Builder'
  ✓ Saving/Loading projects
  ✓ Playing projects


Q: Why release a public alpha now?
A: Since I feel that right now 3DRadSpace is capable of making very simple projects.

Q: Updates when?
A: Daily updates and patches for the first two weeks. When possible.

Q: What are 3DRadSpace's current (first alpha) limitations and known issues:
-- Doesn't allow external libraries
-- Complicated and long function calls, for example
Code: [Select]

Provided game objects:
--Not tested totally enough
-- Possible issues with resource loading (ex, you can't convert a sound file for the SoundEffect object)
Editor UI:
--Not as simple to use as the original 3D Rad
-- Projects are saved in text format, not binary.

Q: Does 3DRadSpace have features that makes it better that the original 3D Rad?
A: Yes, these are:
--Scripting in C#, you aren't limited to a set of functions that 3D Rad's Angelscript provided
-- Faster loading times

Q: How do I report bugs?
A: There are multipla ways: posting a thread on this forum, posting on the Discord server and posting issues on GitHub

Q: How can I help development?
A: You can help development by:
-- Donating on Patreon (this encourages me to keep this project alive, and the money will be used for hosting websites and forums, etc)
-- Providing feedback.
-- Contribute to the 3DRadSpace repository: clone repository, edit code, and make a pull request.

Q: Is .X the single model format supporter right now?
A: Monogame uses assimp that supports a LOT of model formats. But 'XNB Builder' only supports .X formats right now. More will be added in the near future!

Q: I've reached the end of this Q&A , download link?
A: Right there :

Thanks for you attention, have a great day!

(Taken from ClassDev)
"The proof is left as an exercise for the reader."


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