Author Topic: 3DRadSpace v0.0.6a feature release  (Read 391 times)

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3DRadSpace v0.0.6a feature release
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:16:06 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm glad to release this new update since it includes some major stuff, mostly the object selection that works very fine with Skinmeshes (implemented using a Moller-Trumbore algorithm). This feature took the most time to think of and implement. Also some other bugs and real life stuff stole the time, but there we are! With the newest update released, I'm gladly looking for feedback, opinions and for interaction with you, fellow users!

I know that I'm late with this release, but I gave my best try implementing the new features!

Now, let's get to the generic stuff. This is the 0.0.6 alpha change-log. Quality over quantity... (I hope so)

✓ Added the Counter object, with also a demo project.
✓ Reworked the editor camera, to avoid the generic first person shooter style. It is similar to the original 3D Rad.
✓ 3D rendarable Objects are now selectable with the mouse.

Bug fixes:
✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project containing a EventOnKey with no defined actions
✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project containing a EventOnLocation with no defined opcodes/actions
✓ Fixed a bug dealing with wrong values in the EventOnKey dialog and saving.

✓ The text at the bottom of the screen also shows the camera's position.
✓ Added `Edit` -> `Reset 3D Cursor Location`

Notice: This update is not downloadable using the autoupdate feature.

Now, the thing that you propably waited for, fellow reader:

Download [direct link] ( RAR only) :
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